Is your skin having a festive-freakout?

Is your skin having a festive-freakout?

Year-end wouldn’t feel festive without a little indulgence. But a social calendar full of late nights, cheeseboards and champagne isn’t great for our nutrition, let alone or our skin. You’ve put in the hard yards all year, so here are some things to consider when it comes to protecting that inner glow and outer radiance.

Identify & Recognise

Stress-skin is synonymous with spots, and a dull or complicated complexion. Yo-yoing between excessively oily, dry or sensitive states. Stressed skin arises all of a sudden and can be challenging to soothe. We suggest pairing back your skincare, default to the basics: Double cleanse, hydrate and protect. Just your tried-and-true products, then strengthen your skin from the inside with ingestible supplements like Two Islands Super Beauty to hydrate, The Beauty Chef Collagen to firm and smooth or The Gut Co Feed and Repair combo to soothe and rebalance.

Trim Back the Triggers

Out-of-balance skin is often triggered by dramatic – and less than ideal – diet and lifestyle changes.
Alcohol is one of the primary perpetrators. It dehydrates the body and adds inflammation. As is sugar. The worst. (We don’t want to be the fun police, but you really will thank us later: Have water between wines, and put that second serving of dessert down) it undermines skin repair, resulting in a lacklustre, and often problematic complexion.

Also, if your long lunch is in the sun WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN. Prevention is key here, defend your skin against pigmentation and age spots.

Small changes. Big results.

We know you are lacking time and energy, so pare it back to your default routine. Then look to add in some ingestible beauty support. Internals are a great addition to support your outer glow, plus supplementation can be increased for fast and heightened results.

Up your water intake, and we suggest amplifying this with Super Beauty, which includes hyaluronic acid – the ultimate hydrator ingredient which increases the skin’s moisture retention.

You and your skin will be perkier and back to glowing in no time. Then, after Chrissy promise us that you will prioritise your sleep, and create deliberate space to come back to yourself.

Make a promise to prioritise yourself in 2024.

If you are feeling the effects of too many late nights, and aren’t sure where to start, try our complimentary skin script service, or book in for a facial here.