Introducing TWYG: Modern skincare with ancient roots.

Introducing TWYG: Modern skincare with ancient roots.

100 million year old secret is out. TWYG is the first skincare range in the world to use organic antimicrobial and antioxidant super ingredient Bioactive Totarol™ in high doses for maximum efficacy. Designed to create unparalleled results for skin, this potent substance is sustainably sourced from fallen Tōtara Trees, a species that dates back 100 million years and is found only in New Zealand.

The TWYG formulas are packed with active ingredients that reinforce and enhance the activity of Totarol, working synergistically for maximum efficacy to provide protection and rejuvenation.

At its core, the range is a powerhouse of antioxidants designed to tackle the effects of environmental damage that we are all susceptible to. This is primarily because this is the role Totarol takes inside the heartwood of the Tōtara tree The, allowing it to thrive for hundreds of years.

While some skincare may use a few active ingredients (or none at all), TWYG formulations feature award-winning Bioactive Totarol™ which is seven times more effective than Vitamin E, alongside nine other potent active ingredients.

High sources of natural vitamin A via Bakuchiol and vitamin C via Kakadu Plum Oil feature across both products, and have very specific jobs in repairing and protecting skin.

Designed to easily slot into any existing skin care routines, be prepared to ignite all your senses. From the subtle, delicate aromas to the silky texture and smooth application, all wrapped in award-winning sustainable packaging and built on a remarkable story that began before New Zealand was even a land mass.

If you are the kind of person that worships skin preservation, embraces the gift of nature and the power of science while celebrating Aotearoa, then begin your new skincare ritual with TWYG™.