The Glow Refillery

The Glow Refillery

Hey there, Glow Oil lovers!

We are so excited to introduce our new Glow Oil refill initiative. 

We understand the importance of reducing waste and embracing greener beauty practices. So, we're inviting you to bring in your empty Glow Oil bottles to our salon for a refill. While you wait! Not only will you continue to enjoy the incredible benefits of this coveted face elixir, but you'll also be contributing to a healthier environment. 

Our in-salon refillery is our way of empowering you to make a positive impact on the environment while keeping your skin glowing and nourished. This really is just the beginning. All businesses, particularly those in the beauty industry have a social responsibility to make impactful changes toward sustainability. This is our first step to transforming the way we care for our skin and our planet. 

Glow Oil has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks to its potent and lightweight formula that leaves your skin visibly hydrated, nourished, and glowing. Whether you're a long-time skincare enthusiast or new to our brand, this hero product suits all skin types, promising smoother, firmer, and more nourished skin.

We believe that sustainability starts with small actions, and when small actions add together we can create big impact.. See you at the salon!



  • Bring your empty Glow Oil Bottle to the salon
  • One of our expert therpaists will refill it with 30ml of our liquid gold while you wait.
  • You continue to nourish your skin with our coveted elixir whilst feeling good about your planet-positive choices.