New F.Sculpt Facial Workouts

New F.Sculpt Facial Workouts

A transformative experience with F.Sculpt Facial Workouts from The Facialist.

F.Sculpt Facial Workouts! Not your ordinary facial, it’s a transformative workout regimen exclusively for your face. Through a fusion of invigorating cardio, dynamic high-intensity facial massage techniques, muscle-stimulating exercises, and rejuvenating stretches, F.Sculpt paves the path to remarkable results and an instant lift.

Crafted by founder Ashleigh Scott, F.Sculpt goes beyond superficial beauty.  Developing an iconic facial fitness protocol, she has tested and perfected three new treatments. Relieving tension, conditioning, and strengthening facial muscles whilst creating a healthy radiant glow on the surface.  Customers are invited to jump in at any of the three levels; F.Sculpt (30mins), F.Sculpt + (45 mins) and F.Sculpt Intense (60 mins).

Much like you exercise the body, these treatments work out the 40 odd forgotten muscles in the face. Like the gym – the more frequent you work out; the greater, more long-lasting the results.

“You know that saying, do something today that tomorrow you will be thankful for. This is it. For best results, consistency is key when it comes to skincare and these workouts. Whilst you’ll get real-time results from one appointment, you can see lasting results from regular sessions”  - Ashleigh Scott.

Among the treatment goals are kickstarting skin metabolism, stimulating blood flow, boosting oxygenation, promoting collagen production, and of course – lymphatics. Cardio mimicking massage warms up the face, before sculpting and lifting movements work to relieve muscle tension and sculpt the facial contours creating definition to cheek bones and jawline while lifting the eyes.

F.Sculpt + also incorporates heritage Buccal techniques to maximise results by going much deeper, working inside the mouth to better target cheeks and the jaw to release tension and lift the face. Then F.Sculpt Intense catapults to new levels with the addition of specialist micro-current. This works to stimulate and contract the muscles to keep them lifted, intensifies the results and adds to the stay power of the workout. 

Lift, sculpt, tighten, and brighten the skin like never before with the new workouts from The Facialist.


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