Introducing In-Salon Refills for Super Skin Cleansing Oil

Introducing In-Salon Refills for Super Skin Cleansing Oil

We have exciting news for all you Super Skin Cleansing Oil fans! As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are now offering in-salon refills for this beloved cleansing oil.

Just like our popular Glow Oil, you can now bring your empty Super Skin Cleansing Oil bottles to the salon for an eco-friendly refill. One of our expert therapists will top up your bottle with 100ml of this gentle, effective cleansing formula while you wait.

This refill program allows you to continue enjoying the skin-nourishing benefits of Super Skin Cleansing Oil, while reducing waste. It's a simple way to look after both your skin and the planet.

Super Skin Cleansing Oil has been a customer favorite for removing makeup, pollutants and impurities without stripping the skin. Its luxurious formula leaves skin feeling clean and soft, never tight or dry. By refilling your bottles, you can keep achieving that fresh foundation, in a more sustainable way.

We know making a commitment to eco-conscious choices is important to so many of you. That's why we're actively expanding our in-salon refillery to includer Super Skin Cleansing Oil. The refill program is just the first step in transforming how we care for our skin and the environment.

Let's work together to reduce waste, one refill at a time! Bring your empty bottles in to our City Works salon during regular business hours. Our staff will be delighted to refill them for you while you wait.