The Skin Edit with Riley Wilson

The Skin Edit with Riley Wilson

The Skin Edit: Unlocking the Secrets of Riley Wilson's Expert Skincare Regimen

Welcome to our distinguished series where we delve into the meticulously curated beauty rituals of individuals who inspire us. Riley Wilson, Salon Manager at The Facialist, is a connoisseur in the realm of natural skincare. Her approach is a masterclass in minimalism, strategically designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, and fortify the skin from within.

Morning Alchemy

Riley is an advocate for morning showers, particularly during the winter months, a practice that invigorates the senses and prepares the skin for the day ahead. She eschews the traditional morning cleanse, opting instead for a gentle compress with a muslin cloth. This not only preserves the skin's natural oils but also enhances microcirculation.

A spritz of MV Rose Hydrating Mist follows, setting the stage for optimal absorption of subsequent products. She then applies Janesce Eye Cream, utilizing pressure points to alleviate puffiness and awaken the eye area. Her serum of choice is the antioxidant-rich Synergie Effica C, which combats free radicals and boosts collagen production. The routine culminates with MV Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser and a layer of Synergie Uberzinc, a game-changer for skin protection and barrier fortification.

Nutritional Elixirs

Post-Pilates, Riley indulges in The Gut Co Repair, a nutrient-dense beverage that accelerates muscle recovery and enhances gut health. Throughout the morning, she sips a bespoke blend of Beauty Chef Glow Powder and Beauty Chef Collagen Elixir. This powerful concoction not only hydrates but also fortifies the skin with essential nutrients, making her a staunch advocate for internal hydration.

Evening Rituals

Even though Riley seldom wears makeup, her eyelashes are non-negotiable. She employs MV Jojoba Oil for mascara removal, a product that simultaneously nourishes the lash follicles. A second cleanse with Synergie Bio Cleanse ensures that her skin is impeccably clean, ready for the evening's reparative processes.

A spritz of MV Rose Hydrating Mist primes her skin for the application of Janesce Eye Cream, which she applies with a focus on reducing fine lines. Depending on her skin's needs, she alternates between Synergie serums A and B, both designed to target different aspects of skin health. Before drifting into sleep, she applies a light facial oil—either MV Rose Plus or Daily Soother Booster. These oils lock in moisture and offer a therapeutic aroma that enhances sleep quality. She concludes with a Sculpter massage, a technique that promotes lymphatic drainage and reveals a more sculpted facial contour.

Discover the transformative products that constitute Riley's skincare symphony below.