Order & Application

Order & Application

The Right Order for Your Skincare: A Simple Guide

Skincare is more than just putting on creams and lotions. The order in which you use your products matters a lot. Doing it right can make your skin look and feel better. Let's break it down step-by-step.

The Basic Rule: Light to Heavy

The main idea is to start with the lightest product and end with the heaviest. This helps your skin soak up each product better.

Step 1: Start with Oil Cleansing

The first thing to do is clean your face. An oil cleanser is great for this. It removes dirt, makeup, and other stuff without making your skin dry.

Step 2: A Second Clean

Now, use another cleanser that suits your skin type. This gives your skin a really good clean and helps the next products work better.

Step 3: Time for Toner

A toner or mist is next. This helps balance your skin and gets it ready for the next steps.

Step 4: The Special Treatments

This is where you use special products like serums that target specific problems like spots or wrinkles. Make sure your skin is a bit damp when you apply them; it helps your skin absorb them better.

Step 5: Eye Cream

Use a small amount of eye cream and gently tap it around your eyes. Be gentle; the skin here is very delicate.

Step 6: Moisturise

Now, lock in all the good stuff with a moisturiser. Pick one that's right for your skin type.

Step 7: Finish with Oil

Lastly, use a facial oil. Even if you think it's lighter than your moisturiser, it actually helps seal everything in.

Morning Changes

In the morning, you can skip the second cleanse and use a skin soak instead. And don't forget to use sunscreen instead of your regular moisturiser.

Final Thoughts

Using your skincare products in the right order helps them work better. Follow these simple steps for healthier, glowing skin.

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