The Skin Edit with Nicole Osborn

The Skin Edit with Nicole Osborn
In this series, we explore the beauty routines of inspirational women and share the rituals they rely on every day to bring out their best selves.  
We love Nicole's considered approach to her serums. Ensuring her skin is getting the best of these powerful ingredients by layering skin-probiotics and Vitamin A in the evenings, then switching to brightening and protective antioxidant, Vitamin C, in the morning.

After experiencing hormonal-driven acne breakouts, Nicole has adapted her skincare into a more considered approach. Emma Lewisham's Blemish Serum has been essential to reducing breakouts, whilst keeping her skin hydrated and nourished. To combat pigment left from break-out related scarring, Nicole has loaded her skincare routine with antioxidants and skin-loving vitamins; A, B, C and E. 

Internally, Nicole has worked with a naturopath to refine her diet and ensure she's taking the right supplements to support her skin and gut. Cutting out peanuts, dairy and seed oils has worked hand-in-hand with The Gut Co's Repair, Omegas and Probiotics to reduce internal inflammation that was presenting in her skin.



I start by skin soaking with a muslin cloth to rehydrate my skin. this will leave my skin damp which helps with the retention of products. I have been using the new Blemish Serum from Emma Lewisham and it has significantly improved my break-out-prone skin. Layered with Vitamin C, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 
The Antioxidant Serum from TWYG is my new favourite, it is seriously incredible, as is the Cocoon Ceramide Cream; it is rich yet light on the skin. My SPF of choice is the Coola Classic, I like SPF to feel invisible on the skin, this is super sheer and leaves no trace or white cast. 



I use my evening routine as the time to unwind after a busy day. Starting with a double cleanse of Ultra Cleanse to prep the skin then I re-use the Blemish Serum and on alternating nights I use the Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir from Raaie. Then, lock in all that goodness with Glow Oil. 



I love to include a mask in my Sunday evening routine: The Signature Mineral Mask is a wonderful mineral drink from the outside in. I often add a few drops of the Rose Booster to amplify the hydrating qualities. Then while that gets to work I will treat my body with new oil from EmbodyMe, I love the grounding scent of Courage. 



The gut x skin connection is so important and is often overlooked. I love to add Cleanse powder to my morning smoothie for a dose of greens and probiotics which aids digestion and skin health. Repair is also for skin and wellness, but it has collagen and tastes delicious, so I will mix this with water for a delicious afternoon elixir. Super Beauty is also one I go back to when my skin is feeling dull and dehydrated, hydrating from the inside - and noticeable results come within the week!