The Skin Edit with Isabella Duncan

The Skin Edit with Isabella Duncan

In this series, we explore the beauty routines of inspirational women and share the rituals they rely on every day to bring out their best selves.

We love Izzy's considered approach to her serums. Ensuring her skin is getting the best of these powerful ingredients by alternating A & B in the evenings and the addition of brightening and antioxidant Vitamin C in the morning. 


Morning Routine 

In the morning I like to keep it simple! I start by skin soaking with my muslin cloth to rehydrate my skin and will leave my skin damp to help with the retention of my products. If i’m still feeling a little sleepy or in need of a depuff I will gently glide my ice globes over my face. I then apply my Raaie Morning Dew serum followed by Synergie Dermacalm moisturiser and will top that all off with Coola Face 50 SPF. All of this leaving my skin dewy, glowing, protected and ready for the day! 


Evening Routine 

I try to use my evening routine as a time for me to unwind after busy day of treatment’s. I will first cleanse with my new favourite The Facialist Super Skin followed by cleansing with Synergie BioCleanse. I will then exfoliate once or twice a week after cleansing followed by skin soaking. If I am not exfoliating I will just go straight into skin soaking to then apply either my Synergie Vitamin B serum or Synergie Vitamin A serum ( I rotate between these two serums each night). I top everything off with the Synergie Dermacalm Moisturiser, which feels like liquid gold by the way! I love to finish off my evening routine with a simple Gua Sha routine using my Facialist Gua Sha Tool after doing a quick massage to open up my lymph nodes. 



I love to include a mask to my Sunday evening routine to make it like a little treatment night for myself before staring a new week! At the moment I have been loving the Emma Lewisham Overnight Mask. I have also just started to include the Tronque Scar Concentrate in both my morning and evening routine as I have a scar under my eyebrow and use this to massage over the scar to help break down the scar tissue and help with healing.



When it comes to supplements I am all for it! The gut and skin connection is so important and is often looked over. I always say our skin and body is like a garden and what we put in our bodies is the soil that helps our skin flourish to be a beautiful flower. I love to mix my Beauty Chef GLOW powder and EFA’s Bestow Beauty Plus Oil into my chia pudding whether that is in the morning for breakfast or in the evening for a skin and body mindful dessert. I have also recently added in the Bestow Beauty From Beneath capsules to help with the absorption of my Bestow Beauty Plus Oil and help my overall skin integrity. 


Body Products 

It’s not just the skin on our face that matters its all over our body to! I have recently been using the Tronque Body Firming Butter mixed with the Tronque Vitamin C Oil and they leave my skin feeling so nourished and looking luminous!