Scent The Tone

Scent The Tone

Have you ever noticed how a certain scent can conjure up a lovely memory or a beautiful moment? It’s a feeling that can transport you to a different time and place, and there’s a good reason for this. The nose is the only organ that has an almost direct influence on our emotions because it is closely linked to the amygdala, otherwise known as the emotional center in our brain. Scent is also strongly linked to memory. We all know the feeling that can suddenly overwhelm you when, for example, you smell a certain sunscreen that reminds you of that one summer holiday. Or perhaps you get a whiff of the perfume your mother always wears and are instantly transported back to your childhood home. Fragrance has a bearing on the hippocampus region, where memories are processed and stored. This explains why some scents can so viscerally transport us back in time to poignant or precious moments - childhood holidays at the seaside, weekends spent with grandparents or our wedding day.  

Scent is strongly connected to our emotions, and you can use this fact to your advantage. If you need help concentrating at work, or if you’re experiencing sleepless nights — scent has the power to help.

The influence of fragrance is bigger than you think and can positively affect body and soul.



It’s easy for nerves to get the better of us; sweaty palms, heart racing, dry mouth. In these instances, look to woody fragrances that will help you feel calm and grounded. Sandalwood and cedarwood are your friend when you want to balance those nervous emotions. Mint and Patchouli are also know to enhance confidence and strength.



We all know that lavender is a go-to when you need to relax. Neroli and Bergamot are also very grounding, and can be used to re-center yourself. While citrus is more well-known for increasing alertness and energy, Lemon can also help you calm down after a hard day.



Vanilla is comforting, studies prove it, but we also know that just from experience. Vanilla is the flavour we are often drawn to as children when we’re offered an ice cream cone and its tell-tale sweet taste can even be detected in breast milk. In fact, sweet and creamy aromas like chocolate and caramel all have a comforting role.



Nothing energises body and mind quite like citrus. Whether it’s lemon, orange or grapefruit, a zesty fragrance will help you kickstart your day or mist away that 4pm slump (no nap required). Beyond citrus, refreshing mint also has the power to boost your mood and give you that oomph you need.



Since fragrance is so closely linked to emotions and memories, often the fragances that make us feel truly happy are personal to us.


Adding scent your wellbeing and beauty rituals can create a subtle yet powerful effect. A herbal tea before bed, scented candle by the bath, air diffuser before work etc. After long, busy days, it can be hard to wind down at night. Your evening routine can help set the tone for rest and restoration. Our Super Skin Cleansing oil has been meticulously formulated with lavender and bergamot to set the tone for a calming evening beauty ritual.


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