My Muse: Ashleigh Scott

My Muse: Ashleigh Scott

Olivia from here, to introduce you to the queen of Auckland’s skincare scene – the gorgeous owner and founder of The Facialist, Ashleigh Scott.

Having worked in beauty since her late teens, Ashleigh is an expert in all things skincare. In 2014, after honing her craft in London, she decided to bring her passion for facials, skincare and healing back to New Zealand – and turn them into something extraordinary.

en years on, Ashleigh is one of the most influential people in New Zealand’s world of beauty. Believing firmly in the power of nature for inner healing and outer beauty, Ashleigh and her team are celebrated for their thoughtful, decadent and transformative treatments – designed to relax, renew and restore.

We adore Ashleigh and are endlessly inspired by everything she does. Innovative, radiant and incredibly generous (she is offering MUSE customers $25 off one of her beautiful facials – further details below), she is a muse through and through.

I sat down with Ashleigh to talk business, skincare tips, and taking a four-month-old to meetings.


Tell us about your background? 

I have always worked in beauty – since I was 17. I lived and worked in London as a facialist for a couple of years in my early 20s. When I moved home I decided to set up my own salon. I have always loved facials and skincare and I wanted to create a salon that just specialised in just this. At the time it didn’t really exist and beauty therapists did all services. It started as just me in the downstairs of a hair salon. Within six months I opened a small space in City Works Depot and hired my first staff members. Three years later we moved into a bigger space in City Works Depot and I have slowly built up my team since then


What does a usual week look like for you? 

I’m currently on ‘maternity leave’ with my second baby who is now 4 months old. Although, there is no such thing as maternity leave when you run a business, so he is carted everywhere with me! My days are super varied, from cramming in laptop work at home while he naps, to meetings with our marketing or design teams on upcoming projects. I like to spend a couple of days in the salon still at the moment. I’m not currently taking clients, but I like to spend time in reception chatting to clients, or running trainings for my team.  I love the variety of my work and having such varied work days.


What’s next for the facialist? 

We’re currently working on a range of skincare products. I can't wait to share more.


What’s on your Muse Wishlist?

A blazer – I have my eye on one of the Anine Bing ones. And also the gorgeous Rebe Paris boots in black


Please share your top skincare tips:

  1. Always double cleanse your skin at night
  2. A serum will transform your skin – make sure you invest in a good one
  3. Your skin is a reflection of what is going on in your body – make sure you eat well and drink plenty of water
  4. Sunscreen every day!

Ashleigh Scott photographed by Ruby Holland for the My Muse series

The Facialist founder Ashleigh Scott for the Muse boutique My Muse series

Asheligh Scott for My Muse series