Lockdown Lessons with Lucy Macdougald

Lockdown Lessons with Lucy Macdougald

May you find comfort in community. Search for joy in the little things. Magic can be found in the most mundane places.

Lockdown is tough. No two ways about it. Be gentle with yourself, and with others.

Leaning into the idea, that we are in this together we reached out to some of our suppliers in Auckland and Australia to see what is keeping them grounded, and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Lucy Macdougald - Founder of Biologi, based in Ballina NSW.

Lucy is an exceptional woman. Best described as thoughtful, loyal and incredibly kind. She also happens to be the founder of active botanical skincare company, Biologi and based in Ballina, NSW.
We chat with Lucy about what is sparking joy, and why living close to the beach is a privilege she never takes for granted. (Especially amidst lockdowns)

What is keeping you grounded?

I try to make a concerted effort to do self-care practices each day as it helps me to either start the day off right, or to de-stress at the end of each day. Most days I exercise, whether it’s a Pilates class, a walk or light jog on the beach, or simply putting my feet in the sand. I feel incredibly lucky to live so close to the beach and it’s certainly a privilege I’ve been grateful for during lockdown.

What is sparking joy?

Our two golden retrievers spark joy every single day! Their cute little faces light up the room even when they’ve been a little bit naughty. I’m also feeling joy and excited about all the amazing things we’ve got coming up for Biologi. Myself and the Biologi team have worked incredibly hard over the past couple of years and it’s exciting to see all our hard work pay off.

What are you most looking forward to?

Being able to fly home to New Zealand! I haven’t seen a lot of my friends and family in way too long and I can’t wait to see them all. After spending months and months on facetime and zoom, I’m really looking forward to seeing loved ones in the flesh!

What has the undulating ride of the past 12 months taught your business OR taught you?

The number one thing it has taught me (and our business) is resilience. We thought 2020 was hard, but 2021 has been a whole other level! Things have been out of our control and haven’t gone to plan, but throughout it all we’ve had to learn to adapt, be flexible and go with the flow. The amazing thing about the past 12 months is that we’ve realized that we are resilient, as people and as a business. Resilience is the very energy that fuels self-improvement and sustainable growth – both great things to strive for and have!