Lockdown Lessons with Chloe Zara

Lockdown Lessons with Chloe Zara

May you find comfort in community. Search for joy in the little things. Magic can be found in the most mundane places.

Lockdown is tough. No two ways about it. Be gentle with yourself, and with others.

Leaning into the idea, that we are in this together we reached out to some of our suppliers in Auckland and Australia to see what is keeping them grounded, and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Chloe Zara – Hairstylist, Mother and Founder of Chloe Zara Hair. AKL, NZ.

Like many others, Chloe has had to postpone her wedding, and eagerly awaits the reopening of her hair salon. On The Beauty Report she shares with us what is keeping her grounded and that patience really is a virtue.

What is keeping you grounded?

Daily exercise and family time with my two year old Albie.

What is sparking joy?

The extra time I now have with Albie, he is still so young this time at home has been so special to teach him new things and see him develop more as a toddler. My fiancé also like to do a date night once a week with a favourite restaurant takeaway and some yummy wine.

What are you most looking forward to?

Getting married once lockdown is over as we had to postpone our wedding. Also getting back into the salon to refresh all my lovely client’s hair.

What has the undulating ride of the past 12 months taught your business OR taught you?

The last 12 months has really taught me to be more patient, as a mother and a business owner. Lockdown is an incredibly hard time for a lot of business owners but particularly tough on the hair and beauty industry with salons being closed completely. Having these challenges and difficult times really teaches you patience when it’s completely out of your control.