Lockdown Lessons with Celine Wallace

Lockdown Lessons with Celine Wallace

Founder of Sattva Soul Supplements and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Celine understands the insidious nature of burn out, and is dedicated to restoring mind and body through her organic ashwagandha supplements and retreats. Celine shares the daily rituals keeping her grounded, and how impactful shifting your focus can be.

What is keeping you grounded right now?

My morning routine keeps me grounded during lockdown because I know what energy I cultivate is the energy I will take through the day. Suppose I wake up and meditate, gratitude journal, then finish off with a coffee and go for a walk listening to Abraham Hicks, or lately, I use the rebounder listening to a motivational podcast, then when I sit down to connect with clients, that high vibe energy is transferred.

What is sparking your joy?

For me, it's taking time out for moments of thoughtful creation and future mapping. Often we focus on what has been or what is right now, but the lockdown has offered a pause to think about what life we want to curate and focus on what's important. It's provided me with a fresh perspective of what life I would like to create for myself instead of living life by default and allowed me the space to develop the roadmap to that vision.

What are you most looking forward to?

Getting on a plane!

What has the undulating ride of the past 12 months taught your business OR taught you?

To surrender to the process! My products are manufactured in America, and the supply chain across the world is beyond blocked up right now. I remember the first six months when I would turn myself into knots trying to figure out how to get them here, and one day I just surrendered to that it was something out of my control, and as soon as I let it go, it was like a wave of relief swept over me.