Introducing face-worthy body-care from Tronque

Introducing face-worthy body-care from Tronque

Since The Facialist inception, founder Ashleigh Scott has been searching for a product range that catered to the body. Something nurturing, natural and effective. This is why we are delighted to introduce Tronque.

Clean, face-worthy skincare for everywhere on every body. ‘Against neck-down neglect’ is Tronque’s mission to create a habitual ritual of everyday luxe skincare formulated specifically for the body.

Tronque was born through founder Tanne’s struggle with her own reproductive health. Tronque is a concise edit of intelligent, clean, luxurious body formulations with the same levels of active ingredients as those in the most effective facial skincare regimes.

Tronque is guided by a philosophy of total transparency. No compromises or endocrine disruptors, only the best ingredients - many native to New Zealand, colour and fragrance-free formulations that lay everything bare.

Effective, clean, indulgent. Because skincare means more than just your face.