How to care for Summer Hair

How to care for Summer Hair

Tip to toe. No summer beauty routine is complete without considering haircare. We chat to hair stylist and natural hair care founder Chloe Zara about how to combat the chaos caused by chlorine, sea salt and the sun this summer…


Please share top 3 tips for summer haircare –

  1. Keep hair well hydrated and use a hair mask regularly.
Our silk hair wash and condition  has been designed to hydrate, restructure, strengthen and nourish hair while adding intense hydration. I also recommend using our silk hair balm treatment mask once or twice a fortnight to add intensive nourishment for dry or damaged hair.
  1. Protect your hair from the sun, sea and sand.
We never leave the house without applying our SPF to our skin in summer, but it is just as important for you hair. Our Glossifying Hair Mist is clinically proven to protect your hair from the harsh UV rays. It also creates a protective barrier on the hair when swimming   to protect strands from dryness or damage.
  1. Take a break from heated styling tools and let your hair air dry.

Summer is a great time to ease off the styling tools. All three of our styling products will naturally enhance your hair texture, while smoothing any frizz and adding shine.
A lot of people dread hair wash day, it can feel like a daunting chore. How do we find a hair routine that works?
Using high quality haircare makes such huge difference to the wash day experience. Because our products are silicone-free and made with premium natural ingredients we have found customers are actually getting longer in-between washes. Another tip is to allocate time in your week to give yourself a good 40 mins to wash, prep and style your hair so your hair style lasts longer. 
Our customers love to use the Styling Crème for the ultimate slick back look… What are we going to love about the new Glossifying Hair Mist? 
This product is multi- functional, it is clinically proven to protect hair from heated styling tools and UV rays. It also detangles knots, preps the hair for any styling, smooths frizz and adds incredible shine to the hair. It is the perfect product to use when you want to leave your hair to air dry naturally.
What hair types is this best suited for?
The Glossifying Hair Mist is for all hair types, even great to use on children!
When you are going easy on the styling, what is your ultimate lived-in hair look, (think holiday-mode) and how do you achieve this?
Everyone loves a beachy, tousled look. On clean damp hair apply the Glossifying Hair Mist, lightly spritz at the roots, them more through the mids and ends. Comb through, then apply a small amount of the pre-styling Hair Crème on the mids and ends of hair. Leave to air dry naturally. Once your hair is dry apply 1-2 drops of the Hair & Body Oil to smooth any frizz and define natural texture. If you're having a beach day I would recommend using the Glossifying Hair Mist pre and post swimming for ultimate sun and sand protection. 


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 Chloe Zara Hair care tips for summer hair

Chloe Zara shares tips n how to care for summer hair

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Chloe Zara Hair Tips for summer hair