Are you Battling With Breakouts?

Are you Battling With Breakouts?
We understand first-hand how frustrating and frankly, debilitating it is to be dealing with constant breakouts. 
At The Facialist we take a unique approach to solving problematic skin issues. Our number one focus is getting the skin back into a state of perfect health. When the skin is hydrated it is healthy and happy; inflammation is reduced, oil flow balances out and skin can function optimally again. 
Your skin is simply a reflection of what’s happening in your body. If your skin is breaking out, this is your bodies way of telling you something internally needs to be addressed. 

Some of the triggers we need to look at are:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Diet; Food is directly linked to breakouts. We have written a blog post dedicated to foods to avoid if your breaking out. You can read that HERE
  • Gut Health
  • Stress 

Things to consider:

  • Avoid using a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling tight. Stop using harsh or foaming cleansers as these leave your skin unbalanced which will lead to an over production of oil.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate; instead if we focus on hydrating your skin, it will be able to renew itself.
  • Use a face cloth to cleanse your skin, but make sure you change it daily.
  • Wash your pillowcase regularly
  • Move your bowels daily
  • Take supplements to support gut health 

Our hero products to support breaking out skin.

Skin Accumax – we have been using and recommending this for years, and the results speak for themselves. Always our go-to product for acne or breakout prone skin. This patented supplement combines vitamin A, C, E, and phytonutrients to work from the inside out to support healthy skin.
Emma Lewishax Blemish Face Serumdelivers a live probiotic that naturally lives on and supports the skin. Delivering up to 235 million live probiotic cells per dose! Newly launched but our therapists have been trialling this for the last few months and the results are there. We recommend this as your daily topical treatment morning and evening.
Sunscreen – it can be so hard to find an SPF that won’t irritate your skin. Synergie Uberzinc will not only give you the much needed sun protection, but the high zinc content will help to heal and calm the skin. With a slight tint to take down any redness.
LED – we are big advocates for LED to treat acne and use this a lot in clinic. You can now get LED treatments at home with the Trudermal LED mask. Red light is incredibly healing and anti-inflammatory while blue light treats bacterial acne.

Focus on Healing & Supporting The Skin

We often see people take an aggressive approach to breakouts. Please don't attack your skin with harsh products that strip the skin of its natural oils or get squeezing! Be patient, focus on nourishing and supporting the skin: your skin will heal and will get better.