Ionic Dry Body Brush


Beyond your typical dry brush, our Ionic Body Brush is made from extra fine ion-charged copper bristles, naturally forming negative ions from natural friction.

The copper bristles stimulate the lymph nodes' ability to detoxify the blood.

Also known as an 'energy brush', Ionic Body Brush creates negative ions as you brush, re-grounding your natural energy state.

Along with all the powerful benefits of dry brushing, expect smoother, brighter skin, with reduced cellulite, lymphatic drainage and reduced inflammation. 

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Use daily on dry skin before showering or upon waking.
Brush in long upward strokes, starting at your feet, towards your heart.

Exfoliates the skin

Combats and prevents cellulite

Boost the elimination of toxins

Forms negative ions

Protect from free radicals

Sweep away dry skin

Enhance skin elasticity

Increase circulation

Stimulate lymphatic drainage

Rebalances and grounds your energy

Use once a day to stimulate lymphatic drainage and cell renewal.

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