Belly Oil


This antioxidant-rich blend has been created to deeply nourish growing and stretching skin during pregnancy. Combining the highest-calibre, plant-based ingredients to help boost skin elasticity and deeply hydrate skin. This expertly formulated, nutrient-rich blend helps to improve skin tightness, and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Designed to support the body's natural growth, this powerhouse oil leaves the skin feeling ultra hydrated, soft and smooth. 

+     Boosts skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks
+     Eases skin tightness and itching
+     Improves appearance of existing scars
+     Supports collagen production  
+     Rich in antioxidants   
+     Gentle & non-allergenic 

Formulated specifically for pregnant woman and suitable for use on all skin types. Safe to use pre and postpartum. 

150ml per bottle. 

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Lucy Sullivan

Beautiful product for the whole body. Perfect to massage baby when born & perfect to pop in babies bath. Leaves skin soft and smells devine