Supernatural Sleeping Mask

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Beauty sleep in a bottle - this pioneering Sleeping Mask is a highly concentrated, at-home skin treatment for dramatically elevated results in skin regeneration. 
Specialised Gardenia Jasminoides Extract works by enhancing the skin's natural night-time restoration by boosting the activation of our skin's melatonin receptors, which trigger night-time cellular repair, renewal and regeneration processes.
While you sleep, 22 active ingredients work to powerfully rejuvenate the skin - regenerating collagen, stimulating cell turnover, removing toxins and repairing the skin barrier for visibly brighter, plumper, firmer and deeply nourished skin by morning. Designed to work synergistically with the skin, this skin-elevating formula taps into and amplifies our natural night-time skin cycle to unlock unparalleled results.

Use this product two to three times a week in place of your Emma Lewisham Supernatural Crème for supercharged results. Once you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, apply The Sleeping Mask generously onto your face and neck and allow it to soak in for a few minutes before bed. Leave on overnight, allowing the nutrients to completely absorb and then rinse off in the morning.

Boosts collagen, nourishes skin, hydrates.

Use this as an at home facial treatment! Cleanse and exfoliate, then apply Supernatural Sleeping Mask to the skin and leave on overnight for a radiant glow!