Revitalise Your Skin with Facialist Ice Globes

Ready to take your at-home facials to the next level? Meet The Facialist Ice Globes, the ultimate addition to your skincare wardrobe - now back in stock!

Ready to take your at-home facials to the next level?

These unique facial massage tools work wonders by tightening and cooling your skin, while also enhancing blood circulation and oxygenation. Simply glide or roll  The Facialist Ice Globes over your face and neck with slow and gentle movements, making sure to give extra attention to the delicate eye area. After each use, not only will you feel a sense of relaxation and inner peace, but your skin will also be left looking radiant and revitalised.

Calmed and evened skin tone: If you suffer from redness or inflammation, The Facialist Ice Globes are ideal for use during a flare-up or as a regular preventative measure. They can help to calm irritated skin and even out your skin tone.

Reduced under-eye puffiness and darkness: Are under-eye bags a concern for you? The Facialist Ice Globes can assist in reducing their appearance by helping to drain blood that can make the area appear blue or purple.

Enhanced absorption of serums and oils: The Facialist Ice Globes can be used in conjunction with your favorite serums or oils to assist with penetration into the skin, improving absorption and uptake of active ingredients.

Glowing Reviews!

“These were so great before my wedding. My bridesmaids and I took turns using them before we had our makeup done. They were cooling, calming for the skin (AND our nerves), and worked so well prior to having our makeup done. Thank you”



I recently got my hands on the Facialist Ice Globes and they are a game-changer! I suffer from puffy under-eyes and after just one use, I noticed a significant difference. My skin felt refreshed and looked less swollen. I'll definitely be incorporating these into my morning routine!

Sarah H.


I'm in love with these face massagers! They're so easy to use and feel incredibly soothing on the skin. I like to keep mine in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Plus, they're great for reducing tension in my face and promoting better blood circulation. Highly recommend!

Emily G.


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