What is Circular Beauty and why is it so important?

What is Circular Beauty and why is it so important?

Emma Lewisham has set a new benchmark in beauty.

The world’s first carbon positive and 100% circularly designed beauty brand. In a market saturated in false claims and green-washing, we thought it best to share what this incredible achievement means and why it is so important.

With the full collection of products now refillable, and leading the change we want to see; there are plenty of reasons to love Emma Lewisham. The Facialist endorsed, tried and tested you can be assured that when using these products you can feel great about both your skin, and the planet.

So, what does it mean to be the world’s first Carbon Positive beauty range?

Emma Lewisham has gone above and beyond just neutralising carbon emissions. After reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, they now offset each product's remaining emissions by an additional 25% to be certified Climate Positive.

Not an easy process, Emma Lewisham spent 12 months working with world-leading independent environmental certification agency, Toitū Envirocare, to measure the carbon emissions emitted at each stage of thier product's lifecycle. Following this, they’ve implemented an extensive carbon reduction strategy prior to offsetting.

A few key things to note:

• Renewable energy: All Emma Lewisham’s products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

• Carbon Numbers: Every Emma Lewisham product now has a carbon number, showing the kilograms of carbon (kgCO2e) emitted to make each product. They also clearly outline the reduction in carbon emissions between our refills and original packaging, with refills having up to a 74% lower carbon footprint.

• Comparison to loss of Arctic sea ice: Emma Lewisham felt it was important to make thier carbon numbers understandable and relatable. Therefore, each carbon number has been translated into litres of arctic sea ice melted (or maintained) as a result of the quantity of carbon emitted (or reduced).

Why is carbon positivity so important?

Carbon emissions are the leading cause of climate change. To create the speed of change we need to begin reversing the climate crisis, neutralising our impact is no longer enough, wherever possible we must all endeavor to create a positive impact.

The scoop on “Circularly Beauty”

The principles of the circular economy are ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ as opposed to many current linear economy principles of ‘take-make-waste’. A circular system is about designing out waste through reusing what already exists. Emma Lewisham product packaging is designed to eliminate waste - being both refillable and recyclable, with a global takeback programme in place (The Beauty Circle, also available via The Facialist) to ensure this happens - a world first for beauty.

What is "The Beauty Circle"?

Emma Lewisham’s free global circularity initiative in which they take back all empty packaging to be sterilised, refilled and reused. For any packaging that is no longer viable to be refilled, they ensure it’s recycled through a specialised recycling partner, Terracycle. The Facialist is a proud partner of The Beauty Circle, and you are welcome to return any empty Emma Lewisham packaging through us.

Why this is important?

Carbon emissions are the leading cause of climate change and packaging is the single largest contributor of carbon emissions in the beauty industry. This is due to its single use nature, with virtually no beauty packaging being recycled - even those labelled 100% recyclable. Many businesses are falling back on the recyclability of their products as their solution to circularity, however despite being ‘technically’ recyclable, the economics don’t stack up, so if put in your home recycling bin beauty packaging is likely to end up in landfill. This is why circularity initiatives where businesses take ownership of their materials by bringing them back to be refilled, or guaranteeing recycling through specialised partners, is so essential.

And to top it all off...

Emma Lewisham is sharing their sustainability blueprint - all their IP around their circularly designed packaging and carbon positive business model - in order to help other brands and hopefully speed up the transition to a truly beautiful, beauty industry.