The Skin Edit with Jess Vorachit

The Skin Edit with Jess Vorachit

The Skin Edit: A Dialogue with Our Resident Facialist, Jess Vorachit

In this distinguished series, we delve into the beauty regimens of inspirational women, illuminating the daily rituals they employ to manifest their most radiant selves.

Jess Vorachit has recently navigated hormonal shifts that have led to skin congestion and notably inflamed breakouts, leaving residual scarring. In response, she has meticulously refined her skincare routine, placing an emphasis on internal skin support.

Morning Rituals

Eschewing the morning cleanse, I opt for a skin soak, followed by targeted applications of Janesce Purifying Concentrate—often utilised as a spot treatment. This is complemented by Emma Lewisham's Reset Serum, Tata Harper's Waterlock Moisturiser, and Synergie's Uberzinc, an SPF that epitomises both beauty and calming efficacy.

Evening Indulgences

The evening commences with a dual cleansing process: initially, Sans Goji Oil Cleanser is employed to dissolve makeup and SPF, followed by Synergie Ultra Cleanse for a more profound purification. Subsequently, the Purifying Concentrate is layered with Reset Serum; this is alternated with Raaie's Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir. The entire regimen is sealed with the Facialist Glow Oil, a luxurious finishing touch.

Nutritional Supplements

My focus is keenly set on gut health, a critical factor that is intrinsically mirrored in one's complexion and the regulation of skin's oil production. To this end, I incorporate The Beauty Chef Glow powder into my daily intake, alongside Skin Omegas and Zinc. Glow is a versatile inner beauty powder designed to plump, protect, and transform your skin, immunity, and overall well-being from within.

Hair and Body Care

For those days when my hair leans towards the unwashed, Chloe Zara Hair Balm is my go-to for crafting the perfect slicked bun. Post-wash, a few drops of Glow Oil are applied to the hair ends, offering nourishing benefits that extend beyond facial care. For hand and body, Sans Barrier Restore is a winter staple, particularly when my skin craves additional moisture.

Elevate your beauty routine by incorporating these expertly curated products and rituals, designed to enhance both your external radiance and internal well-being.