Skin Soaking Ritual

Skin Soaking Ritual

The process of soaking the skin is perhaps the most simple ritual in skincare, yet is honestly more effective than most products. The idea is to give the surface of your skin a drink of water.


Simply fill your hand basin with warm water. You can add in a few drops of your favourite soaking drops. These beautiful drops help to break the surface tension of the water and allow for deeper hydration.

Take your muslin cloth or face cloth and immerse it in the water. Wring it out slightly so it’s damp but not dripping wet. Gently press the cloth to your skin, covering your entire face. Press it here for several seconds before re-immersing it in the water and repeating.

Ideally you will repeat this three to four times; in the morning instead of cleansing and in the evening after cleansing.

Lock in all that moisture by spritzing skin with a hydrating mist and then layer your serums and moisturiser directly on top. Although it sounds incredibly simple, it is so effective and becomes a beautiful ritual.