Meet The Maker: Juls Matthews

Meet The Maker: Juls Matthews

We sit down with friend of The Facialist, mother and Two Islands founder, Juls Mathews to chat about her approach to beauty, the rise of ingestible beauty products, and our favourite ever Two Islands supplement Super Beauty.

What is your personal approach to beauty?

Skincare I am big on, whereas makeup I don’t really care for. Tinted moisturiser, SPF and mascara is about as much as I put on my face if going into the office or out for dinner. I use a mix of natural and cosmeceutical skincare and this really comes down to the product and what I’m hoping to achieve. For me beauty is more than just skincare, it's what I also put into my body that makes the biggest difference to how I feel and look.

What did Two Islands originally set out to achieve and how has the evolved over time?

I set out to formulate efficacious products that do what they say they will. Products that would empower other people to take their future health into their own hands, by sharing what I’d learned, and simplifying a complicated and often contradictory topic. We are doing just that and have evolved from having food-focused products to now dietary supplements with a focus on women’s health and beauty.

Talk to us about the rise of ingestible beauty products… We’ve always believed in a bidirectional approach but It feels like the market has had a recent surge of products on offer.

It definitely has and I love that ingestible beauty is now a thing! Diet plays a crucial role in how we think, feel and look, and knowing that we can consume plants and other researched ingredients to help with skin health is so complimentary to what can be done with skincare.

And what sets Two Islands supplements apart?

Focusing on every tiny detail is what we do, because they all make the big picture better. We love a challenge, going above and beyond to ethically source premium, nutrient dense super foods and ingredients proven to work in our expert formulations. No cheap fillers or dodgy chemical additives. Every element of those formulations is carefully considered, running our exacting gauntlet to earn its place. This detail-focused ethos means meeting our customers high expectations too – from considered packaging to tasty flavours and premium active ingredients at optimum levels for efficacy. So you notice a positive difference in your life.

We are all obsessed with Super Beauty, talk us through the creation and production of this wonder product...

Thank you, I am so pleased to hear that. Super Beauty is definitely our super star beauty ingestible. Most people now know what collagen is and how that helps with skin, and I wanted to create a product that was plant based for people who cannot take collagen, but also go a step further and use ingredients that were even more powerful and had an anti ageing focus. We worked with an incredible medical herbalist on our formulation and then trialled the product on women before launching. One of the ingredients we used, clinically researched Dracobelle™ Nu showed an improvement in skin in 8 weeks however with our consumer trial some of the participants noticed a difference to their skin in just 1 week.

We’ve shared our unanimous and completely complimentary thoughts with our community – what has the wider feedback been?

People using Super Beauty with eczema and psoriasis that has now cleared, mums postpartum that wanted their glow back and now have it, clearing hormonal skin. The team get so excited when we see reviews like this come in and that’s what it's all about for us. Knowing we can help people feel better about themselves.

How it works –

DracoBelle™ Nu works at a deep level to rejuvenate skin via specific anti-aging pathways, directly supporting the extracellular matrix and collagen production. Vitamin C rich NZ Blackcurrant and Zinc provide the skin with essential building blocks needed for natural collagen production. Hyaluronic Acid supports skin moisture, elasticity and density and Silica and Biotin further support hair, skin and nails.

Fast five beauty tips?

Lots of water! SPF mixed with Drunk Elephant D-bronzi , going to bed before 10pm, more greens / less processed food, controversial but, no alcohol.

Your desert island products?

Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser, Emma Lewisham sunscreen, Kevin Murphy leave-in conditioner, tangle teaser, Sans Activator 7 oil, Biologi Luminosity face serum and Nourish Lip Serum.