Introducing EmbodyMe - Where body care meets true self care

Introducing EmbodyMe - Where body care meets true self care

Where body care meets true self care


Embodyme embraces the ethos of enhacing overall wellbeing through daily rituals for self care.

With a focus on the finest natural ingredients, luxurious formulations and uplifting sensorial experiences to nourish the body and mind, Embodyme is an invitation to slow down, reflect, and create space for self care.

Founded by Sarah, whose deep understanding of the demands and challenges faced by modern women drives Embodyme's powerful belief that true beauty radiates from within.

Drawing on her years of experience with luxury beauty brands, she has been inspired by her journey as a health coach and wellness advocate. Sarah seeks to redefine self care from a guilty indulgence to an essential for overall wellbeing.


Sarah Reid founder of EmbodyMe

Pairing body care with a simple framework for women to create their wellness journey with daily rituals for self care, Embodyme serves as a powerful reminder for every woman to prioritise their wellbeing, cultivate a positive mindset, and embody the best version of themselves.

True self care extends beyond using quality body care - it's about intentionally creating moments to pause, reflect, and reconnect with our bodies and minds.

A shared ethos with EmbodyMe, we believe in caring for the body from the inside out, elevating body care to self care, and transforming it into daily rituals that empower women to embody their best selves.

Their carefully considered body care range is designed to offer functional benefits for the skin while nurturing the mind, serving as a gentle reminder to take time, whilst amplifying our capacity to feel courage, joy, peace and kindness each day.

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