Results without leaving home


The LED face mask is very comfortable to use and the results have been wonderful


I love how the rechargable controller is completeley portable as it allows me to use it anytime and anywhere


I was very surprised at how comfy the mask is


I might not understand the science behind the mask - but I know it works for me!


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation
  • Reduces active acne and blemishes
  • Reduces redness and inflammation 
  • Promotes healthier, younger looking skin
  • Natural, non-invasive, no downtime

Why Choose Trudermal Glow?

Trudermal Glow is your innovative at home led mask that is TGA approved and specifically designed to treat all skin conditions in the one mask.

With all 3 clinically proven wavelengths (blue, red and near-infrared), 3 different mode settings, 132 LEDs at optimised energy and angle placement and custom upper lip treatment, Trudermal Glow is designed to achieve your skincare goals faster and with no downtime.

Healthy and glowing skin at the touch of a button.

Medical Grade LED Light Therapy

We use medical-grade silicone and clinically proven LED technology offering all 3 wavelengths, blue light, red light and near-infrared in three different mode setting. With 132 LEDs set to an angle of 120°, Trudermal Glow has been designed to deliver maximum light to the skin for faster results.