Transformative Skincare Rituals for Unparalleled Results

At The Facialist, we hold a deep reverence for nature's extraordinary ability to heal and restore the skin. Our treatments transcend mere indulgence – they are transformative journeys. We artfully blend cutting-edge science with nourishing, hand-selected natural ingredients to craft bespoke skin prescriptions that align with your skin's unique aspirations and needs.

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Our facial rituals are meticulously designed to target specific skin concerns while enveloping you in a cocoon of deep relaxation. Our skilled facialists will thoughtfully assess your skin and curate a personalized treatment tailored to your individual needs. Emerge feeling restored, your skin refreshed and radiating with renewed vitality.


Our Bespoke Rituals

The Ultimate Indulgence for Your Skin

Immerse yourself in the ultimate skincare luxury with a bespoke facial, meticulously tailored to your skin's individual needs and desires. The Facialist marries the finest natural active ingredients with the transformative power of a rejuvenating touch, guiding you on a journey to lustrous skin, restorative experiences, and visible results. Explore our curated collection of treatment rituals and begin your path to radiance.


I sought a holistic facial treatment that nurtured both my inner well-being and the health of my skin. The Facialist team's exceptional knowledge and dedication to a truly personalised approach left me feeling enlightened and restored. The beautiful space and thoughtfully curated range of products elevated the experience to one of pure bliss. Thank you for this transformative journey.

From the moment I stepped into the serene, sophisticated space, I knew I was in for an extraordinary experience. Izzy's intuitive touch and masterful technique transcended all my previous facials. Her attentiveness and expertise shone through, leaving my skin radiant and my spirit renewed. Now I understand why The Facialist is so revered – it is, quite simply, the best. - Kelly

My massage at The Facialist was a journey of pure relaxation and restoration. The tranquil ambiance enveloped me as Izzy's skilled hands melted away every knot and tension. Her intuitive sense of pressure and unwavering focus on my needs left me feeling deeply nurtured and revitalized. The heavenly duvet and soothing scents only added to the perfection of the experience. A true 10/10 indulgence for body and soul. - Sarah

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